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Translation of the ERα-PR crosstalk story to the clinic (the PIONEER study), and further preclinical exploration of the diverse role of progestins in ER-positive breast cancer

Kumar Sanjeev S , Siersbaek Rasmus , Nagarajan Sankari , Provenzano Elena , Caldas Carlos , Pantziarka Pan , Baird Richard D , Carroll Jason

Background: Published preclinical findings from our lab (Cambridge Institute, CRUK) provided new insights into the functional ‘cross-talk’ between the oestrogen receptor alpha (ERα) and the progesterone receptor (PR) in breast cancer (Mohammed et al., Nature, 2015). Addition of a PR agonist to anti-oestrogens directly modifies ERα chromatin binding and the transcriptional response in breast cancer cells, and is anti-proliferative in vitro ...