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oa0001p001 | (1) | PacRim7

S phase dysregulation occurs following resistance to CDK4/6 inhibition ER+ breast cancer

Sarah Alexandrou1,2, Heloisa Helena Milioli1,2, Neil Portman1, Christine Lee1, Kristine Fernandez1, David Blake3, Elgene Lim1,2 & C Elizabeth Caldon1,2

oa0001p027 | (1) | PacRim7

Estrogen maintains mammographic density via heparanase mediated induction of SDC-1 and -4

Xuan Huang1,2, Tony Blick1,2, Thomas Lloyd3, Vito Ferro4, Theresa Hickey5, Wayne Tilley5, Larisa Haupt2, #Erik W Thompson#,1,2 & #Honor J Hugo#,1,2,6

oa0001p011 | (1) | PacRim7

The WinPro study: A window of opportunity study of endocrine therapy with and without prometrium in postmenopausal women with early stage hormone receptor-positive breast cancer

Julia Chen1,2, Emma Carson1,2, Davendra Segara2, Andrew Parker2, Sandra O’Toole1, Alan Coates3, Bruce Mann4, Geoffrey Lindeman5, Wayne Tilley6 & Elgene Lim1,2

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