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A GWAS identified functional variation in PSA (KLK3) gene that confers lower risk is also associated with more aggressive disease and lower survival in men with prostate cancer

Srinivasan Srilakshmi , Kryza Thomas , Bock Nathalie , Stephens Carson , Dong Ying , Panchadsaram Janaththani , Moya Leire , Rohl Joan , Perry-Keene Joanna L , Buzacott Katie , Dadaev Tokhir , Brook Mark N , Lilja Hans , Spurdle Amanda , Koistinen Hannu , Stenman Ulf-Hakan , Kote-Jarai Zsofia , Eeles Rosalind , The Practical Consortium , The Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource , Clements Judith , Batra Jyotsna

Objective: Prostate cancer susceptibility is influenced by common variants at multiple loci, however, the mechanisms by which these germline variants influence prostate cancer risk remain largely unknown. A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs17632542 in the PSA gene has been identified to be associated with prostate cancer risk using large scale genome-wide associate studies. This SNP was previously questioned for its association with prostate cancer due to its association...