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Lasofoxifene is an effective inhibitor of breast cancer lung and liver metastasis in a mammary intraductal (MIND) xenograft model of mutant ERα+ breast cancer

Greene Marianne , Laine Muriel , Chang Ya-fang , Phung Linda , Hiipakka Richard , Komm Barry , Greene Geoffrey L

The standard of care for early postmenopausal ERα+ breast cancer patients is adjuvant endocrine therapy, with or without a CDK 4/6 inhibitor in the metastatic setting. However, many patients are resistant or experience recurrence 10 to 15 years after treatment. A subset (10–40%) of ERα+ therapy-resistant breast cancers express somatic ESR1 mutations. The two most common ERα mutations are Y537S and D538G, which confer ERα constitutive activity. Lasofoxi...