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LobSig, a prognostic signature for ILC

Reed Amy E McCart , Lal Samir , Nones Katia , Kutasovic Jamie R , Coorey Craig P , de Croft Priyakshi Kalita , Dalley Andrew , Kuo Luyu , Wockner Leesa , Robertson Alan , Ferguson Kaltin , Niland Colleen , Sachchithananthan Mythily , Vargas Ana Cristina , Miller Gregory , Black Debra , Johnson Julie , Reid Lynne E , Males Renique , Gresshoff Irma , Porter Alan , Evans Elizabeth , Saunus Jodi M , Al-Ejeh Fares , Pearson John V , Chenevix-Trench Georgia , Coin Lachlan , Waddell Nicola , Lakhani Sunil R , Simpson Peter T

Invasive lobular carcinoma (ILC) is the most common special type of breast cancer, and is characterized by functional loss of E-cadherin, resulting in cellular adhesion defects. ILC typically present as estrogen receptor positive, grade 2 breast cancers, with a good short-term prognosis. Several large-scale molecular profiling studies have now dissected the unique genomics of ILC. We have undertaken an integrative analysis of gene expression and DNA copy number to identify nov...