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Nuclear ErbB-2 activity modulates the interferon signaling pathway in breast cancer cells resistant to anti-ErbB-2 therapies

Russo Rosalia I Cordo , Madera Santiago , Chervo Maria F , Ebrahimie Esmaeil , Selth Luke , Chiauzzi Violeta A , Kikhtyak Zoya , Proietti Cecilia J , Schillaci Roxana , Charreau Eduardo H , Hickey Theresa E , Tilley Wayne D , Elizalde Patricia V

Overexpression of ErbB-2, a member of ErbB family of receptor tyrosine kinases, occurs in 15–20% of breast cancers (BC) and is considered a major oncogenic driver. Despite clinical efficiency of ErbB-2-targeted therapies (e.g. trastuzumab), resistance to said drugs is a major issue. While ErbB-2 is mainly a cell membrane-bound receptor, it can migrate to the nucleus (NErbB-2) where it acts as a transcription factor or coactivator. We revealed that NErbB-2 is a major proli...