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Characterisation of developmental pathways that drive metastatic progression of breast cancer at single cell resolution

Valdes-Mora Fatima , Salomon Robert , Gloss Brian , Law Andrew MK , Murphy Kendelle , Roden Daniel L , Castillo Lesley , Colino-Sanguino Yolanda , Farbehi Nona , Conway James , Timpson Paul , Ormandy Christopher J , Gallego-Ortega David

Tumour cell heterogeneity constitutes a challenge for cancer treatment and deeply impact the outcome of patients. A simultaneous overview of cancer cells and associated stromal cells is critical for the design of improved therapeutic regimes. Single-cell RNA-seq has emerged as a powerful method to unravel heterogeneity of complex biological systems; this has enabled in vivo characterization of cell type compositions through unsupervised sampling and modelling of trans...