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Estrogen receptor alpha controls gene expression via translational offsetting

Lorent Julie , Rebello Richard J , van Hoef Vincent , Lawrence Mitchell G , Szkop Krzysztof J , Kusnadi Eric , Samreen Baila , Balanathan Preetika , Scharmann Karin , Takizawa Itsuhiro , Leidel Sebastian A , Risbridger Gail P , Topisirovic Ivan , Larsson Ola , Furic Luc

Estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) activity is associated with increased cancer cell proliferation. Studies aiming to understand the impact of ERα on cancer-associated phenotypes have largely been limited to its transcriptional activity. Herein, we demonstrate that ERα coordinates its transcriptional output with selective modulation of mRNA translation. Importantly, translational perturbations caused by depletion of ERα largely manifest as ‘translational of...