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Preclinical development of CDDD3-14, a potent and selective inhibitor of CDK4/6 for the treatment of breast cancer

Bantie Laychiluh , Tadesse Solomon , Likisa Jimma , Yu Mingfeng , Noll Benjamin , Heinemann Gary , Milne Robert , Albrecht Hugo , Wang Shudong

Deregulation of the CDK4/6-cyclin D-Rb-E2F pathway is common in subtypes (e.g. ER+/HER2−) of breast cancer, and activation/amplification of cyclin D1 (CCND1) and CDK4/6, or deletion/mutation of CDKN2A gene that encodes p16INK4a are the major mechanisms. Aberration in the upstream pathways such as PI3K/Akt/mTOR can also lead to the deregulation of the CDK4/6 axis, which drives carcinogenesis and development of resistance to therapies. Therefore, inhibition of CDK4/6 is a ...