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Therapeutic targeting of Ezh2 enhances PD-1 blockade by induction of interferon gamma response

Sheahan Anjali V , Morel Katherine L , Burkhart Deborah L , Boufaied Nadia , Panja Sukanya , Calagua Carla , Huang Ying , Ye Huihui , Trostel Shana Y , Whitlock Nichelle C , Wilkinson Scott , Sowalsky Adam G , Kibel Adam S , Loda Massimo , Sweeney Christopher J , Mitrofanova Antonina , Dougan Stephanie K , Labbe David P , Olson Brian M , Ellis Leigh

Prostate cancers are considered immunologically ‘cold’ tumors as they demonstrate poor response to check-point inhibitor therapy (CPI). Enrichment of interferon gamma (IFNγ) response genes, critical for innate and adaptive immune response to viral infections, have been demonstrated to indicate a positive response to CPI. Tumor IFNγ signaling acts as both an activator and inhibitor of effector T-cell response/trafficking via regulation of Th-1 chemokines (CX...