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Flicking the switch off, targeting MCL-1 in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer

Castillo L , George S , Lin H-M , Yeung N , Mawson A , Young AI , Law AM , Hastings J , Gallego-Ortega D , Deng N , Croucher D , Swarbrick A , Horvath L , Ormandy CJ , Oakes SR

The ability to survive is essential for carcinogenesis. We previously showed that in to addition promoting cancer cell survival, Myeloid Cell Leukemia 1 (MCL-1) regulates cancer cell invasion possibly via direct regulation of the cytoskeletal protein Cofilin and via modulation of the output of the SRC family kinase pathway. We also showed that dual inhibition of MCL-1 and SRC family kinases was effective in suppressing metastasis of breast cancer intraductal xenografts made fr...